What happens if you can't deliver my email?

Posted on August 10, 2014 • 2 min read • 226 words

By forwarding my emails through eEvidence, you will be delivering my emails to the intended recipient, not my server. In case you cannot deliver it, how will I know you didn't?

On average, we deliver most emails at the first attempt, within seconds. When it takes longer, provided the recipient's address is correct, it is likely that a problem has occurred at the recipient's end.

If we do not succeed at the first attempt, we'll keep trying every few seconds for one hour, at the most. In normal circumstances, the email will go through in the following retries, without you even noticing a delay. In a few cases, however, we may not be able to deliver your email. If we can't deliver your email within the hour, we will stop trying, we will log the email as Failed and we will send you a delivery failure notice to warn you.

In case the recipient's address is not correct, or we can't simply find a mail server to connect with, we won't bother that much: we will send you a delivery failure notice right away and will not even retry once.

One error amongst multiple recipients

When sending an email to two or more recipients, we may succeed delivering it to some, but no all. In such cases, expect the following:

  1. An eEvid.Cert will be issued, acknowledging both successful and failed deliveries.
  2. You will receive a delivery failure notice for every unsuccessful delivery.
  3. Unsuccessful deliveries will be logged as Failed, whilst the rest will show up as Confirmed.