Can I really use eEvidence for free?

Posted on August 6, 2014 • 2 min read • 234 words

The service is about obtaining legal proof of the contents and delivery of my emails. I would expect such service at a cost, but you re saying you won't charge me anything for using it. I don't get it!

Yes, you certainly can.

eEvidence is based on a freemium business model, meaning it is provided free of charge, but a premium is charged for advanced features. The word 'freemium' is a portmanteau combining the two aspects of the business model: 'free' and 'premium'.

Free Licenses

As for the service's basics, Free Licenses are fully featured, but are intended for individual use only and limited to 3 registered emails a year.

Free Licenses are for individual use only. This means you will not be able to associate multiple email addresses or other users to the same license. In case you want to use the service from additional addresses, feel free to register as many individual licenses as you need or consider the benefits of upgrading to a multi-user premium license.

In addition, please notice that Free Licenses do not include the possibility to store a copy of your registered emails and digital files in our systems. Do not worry, though: as long as you keep the delivery receipts we send you in a safe place, you'll be fine.

Premium Licenses

You can upgrade to, or register for, a premium license at any time, at an annual flat-rate fee, and benefit from eEvidence's advanced features. When choosing a Premium License, your account will not be subject to the limitations placed on Free Licenses.

For more information about our paid plans, go to our Pricing page.