I'm adding new users to my group, but they don't get the email with the invitation.

Posted on July 28, 2014 • 1 min read • 98 words

When you invite others to join your premium group, we send them an email with a link for them to accept your invitation. Sometimes this email may no arrive and no one knows why.

There are several reasons why this problem can occur:

  • Make sure the email has not been rejected or quarantined by the user's spam filter.
  • If the address is outdated, or you misspelled it, chances are that user's mail server is simply rejecting the email. Check it out to make sure the address is correct.
  • If this user has already registered for eEvidence, but never confirmed the registration, the email with the invitation will not even be sent. Ask whether this may be the case.

If none of the above works, contact Support and we will look at it.